Environmental responsibility
Is an inherent direction of the company's development strategy, which forms the most economical and environmentally friendly production. The Donbasenergo’s priority remains the preservation of the natural potential of cities for present and future generations.
THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION POLICY OF PJSC "DONBASENERGO" declares the main goals and objectives of the company for the prevention of the negative impact of the production on the environment and people.
To implement its Environmental Protection Policy, DONBASENERGO:
  • Donbassenergo's efforts are aimed at continuously reducing the negative impact on the environment: the Company prioritizes the prevention of crises and the preservation of natural potential in the region of its presence

  • Within the EMS framework, the environmental protection activities are characterized by their comprehensive nature, efficiency and effectiveness

  • The Policy declares the Company's commitment to strict compliance with the environmental legislation and execution of internal regulations

  • Efficient partnership with external environmental protection stakeholders is an integral part of the corporate environmental responsibility: Donbassenergo remains an active participant in the national and international environmental protection programs

  • The Company constantly improves the standards and efficiency of its environmental activities, gradually achieving the optimal environmental impact indicators

  • Achieving the environmental performance goals is possible only on the condition that all employees of the Company are interested and join their efforts

  • Efficiency of the environmental management system is ensured by qualified and responsible employees of the Company

  • Water resources protection, mln UAH
    2014 5.4
    2015 5.3
    2016 5.7
  • Protection and rehabilitation of soil, mln UAH
    2014 0.3
    2015 0.7
    2016 0.4
  • Scientific research work, mln UAH
    2014 2.28
    2015 0
    2016 0.03
  • Conservation of biodiversity and habitat, mln UAH
    2015 0
    2016 0.115
  • Radiation safety, mln UAH
    2014 0.004
    2015 0.004
    2016 0.003
  • Ambient air protection, mln UAH
    2014 39.31
    2015 4.62
    2016 4.03
  • Waste management, mln UAH
    2014 16.65
    2015 16.76
    2016 20.49
Total expenses for environmental protection and compliance with the environmental legislation, mln UAH
2014 63.94
2015 27.38
2016 30.85
Environmental parameters by impact within TPP
  • Starobeshevo TPP
  • Ambient air
    2014 96.1 thousand tons
    2015 81.4 thousand tons
    2016 97.0 thousand tons

    The increase in emissions resulted from the increase in electricity production and a change in the structure of fuel consumption, as well as change in the fuel quality.

  • Water resources
    2014 19565.4 thousand cub. m
    2015 17940.6 thousand cub. m
    2016 18800 thousand cub. m

    The increase in water usage resulted from increased electricity generation.

  • Wastes
    2014 640.3 thousand tons
    2015 538.6 thousand tons
    2016 536.2 thousand tons

    Reduction in the volume of generated waste, in particular ash and slag, is due to a decrease in the ash content of fuel used during 2016.

  • Slaviansk TPP
  • Ambient air
    2014 15.2 thousand tons
    2015 37.7 thousand tons
    2016 56.6 thousand tons

    The increase in emissions resulted from the increase in electricity production and a change in the structure of fuel consumption, as well as change in the fuel quality.

  • Water resources
    2014 14255 thousand cub. m
    2015 17466.7 thousand cub. m
    2016 10400 thousand cub. m

    Reduced water usage volumes resulted from decrease in electricity generation, conduction of timely and quality repair of water feeding systems and optimization of water consumption process.

  • Wastes
    2014 138.2 thousand tons
    2015 246.7 thousand tons
    2016 341.9 thousand tons

    Increased waste generation resulted from the increase in electricity generation and execution of repair work.

Amount of accrued environmental tax
2014 108.6 mln UAH
2015 123.1 mln UAH
2016 260.4 mln UAH

As part of the implementation of Donbassenergo's Environmental Protection Policy and the functioning of the environmental management system, the Company developed and approved its Goals and Objectives for 2017
1. To ensure the implementation and efficient operation of the environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2015:
- to provide all the necessary resources for implementation and operation of the environmental management system, to have the EMS compliance with requirements of ISO 14001:2015 confirmed by an international certification authority.
This task is solved through:
- development of unified approaches to managing environmental aspects and risks, mandatory procedures for the operation of the EMS in the Company;
- training of personnel in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015;
- introduction of mandatory EMS procedures;
- efficiency analysis of the existing EMS;
- analysis of the results of verification and development of corrective measures;
- pre-certification audit with the subsequent elimination of the identified non-conformities;
- confirmation of the existing EMS’s compliance with the requirements of the international standard by the international certification authority.

2. To manage efficiently the identified environmental aspects in order to prevent their development up to the level of significant risk:

- to carry out all the necessary measures for the management of environmental aspects, according to the identified management procedures based on the fulfilled assessment of environmental aspects.

3. To ensure the compliance of facilities with technical specifications and performance of technological operations in order to prevent negative impact on the environment:

- to carry out preventive measures aimed at preventing negative consequences for the environment in the performance of business activities – repair and preventive work for boiler and cleaning equipment of 7A and 7B sections of power unit no.7, as well as boilers no. 6, 7 of the non-block part.

4. To reduce gross emissions of solid substances to 154 tonnes per year:
- to reduce the concentration of solid substances' emissions from tank semitrailers to 50 mg/m3 due to the reconstruction of the dust-cleaning equipment of the dust preparation shop: stage 1 - development and approval of design and working documentation for reconstruction of the dust-capture unit – will be completed by the end of 2017.
5. To reduce auxiliary consumption of electricity:
- to reduce consumption of electricity by replacing fluorescent lamps with LED energy-saving lamps.
6. To ensure the conservation of aquatic biological resources:
- to reduce the influence of Slavianskaya TPP's operations on bioresources by installing a fish protective electrogradient device of EGRZ-M type at coastal pumping station no.2.
7. To introduce the system for accounting and rational use of process water:
- to introduce an automated system for control over the use of process water to promptly receive reliable data on flow rates and volume of water taken by coastal pumping stations no. 1 and no. 2a, including generation of operator's logs and reports. Stage 1 – development and approval of the design documentation – will be completed by the end of 2017.